temecula-pilatesWhat is Pilates?

Training from the “Inside Out”

Have you been involved in a more traditional fitness training program for years, without ever fully achieving your desired results? Pilates may be your solution. Pilates is a training method that takes you to a deeper level.

In a nutshell, the science behind pilates is as follows:  when properly functioning, the human body naturally originates movement from the inner core, where most of the “stabilizer” muscles exist. After the body is properly stabilzed, the “mover” muscles have a secure platform for movement in the body.  Hence the term “from the inside out”!

Unfortunatley, most fitness programs emphasize the development of the superficial muscles. This often leads to postural imbalances, back, neck, shoulder and knee pain and injuries.

photo-2To develop the “stabilizer” muscles and inner core takes deep focus and concentration. That’s why, when compared to more traditional exercise approaches, pilates feels “deeper” on a muscular level. You work deep muscles, like the obliques, the transversus abdominus (the deepest abdominal muscle), spinal muscles and pelvic floor muscles.

Pilates also feels “deeper” on the mental-conditioning level! The focus and concentration required to engage this mind-body connection is a challenge! The end result of this mental exercise; you leave each session with a clearer mind and an elevated spirit!



Benefits of Pilates Training

  • Pilates teaches the body to move better, with more grace, flow and ease.
  • Abdominals will be flatter and your posture will improve, creating a longer, healthier and leaner look, even without shedding a pound! You will firm your upper and lower body as well.
  • An aligned, more evenly trained body will hold less muscle tension, have better balance and coordination. You will feel lighter on your feet.
  • Normal daily and recreational activities will be performed with greater ease.
  • Greater muscle control and movement awareness can dramatically improve your athletic performance.
  • With stronger abdominals supporting your spine and better body mechanics, back pain and injury risk can be reduced.
  • By improving spinal stability and spinal flexibility you can age more gracefully! Our emphasis is on longevity.
  • Both muscle strength and length will make you look better, feel better and function better!

History of Pilates

Joseph Pilates was born in 1880 in Germany. Like the renaissance artists, he was ahead of his time. In the 1920’s he brought his method of exercise (which he called Contrology) to the Unites States to be performed on a mat and also with a strange looking apparatus (equipment). He also came with the philosophy that optimal health is achieved by addressing the body, mind, and spirit – what has become almost a mainstream concept today.

What is now known as pilates has proven itself not only to be a trendy exercise routine, but one with proven success for 90+ years. Now, many years later, the value of Joseph Pilates’ work has gained world-wide recognition and popularity.

Pilates has helped professional and Olympic athletes perform better with less injuries. Top golfers, equestrians, ball players, ice skaters and dancers have benefited from pilates.

Many medical doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists recommend pilates for safe, effective injury rehabilitation. Dr. Mehmet Oz says the exercise preferred by 9 out of 10 rehab specialists is pilates.

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