Operating since 1999, CenterFocus fitness is Temecula Valley’s first pilates studio offering pilates and wellness lifestyle coaching.  We offer a welcoming place for our clients; they enjoy a pleasant, clean and private environment in a beautiful studio with a full range of pilates equipment.

Offering private pilates sessions (one to one), semi-private sessions (2 participants per teacher), pilates group reformer classes (up to 5 participants) and group mat pilates (large group capacity). Individual home programs are also available, as well as Optimal Eating lifestyle coaching. We are open Monday through Saturday by appointment or pre-sign up for group class.

Why Pilates?

• Have you tried other fitness modalities and “failed”?

• Do you suffer from “tech” neck, or any spinal stiffness related to sitting in bad posture for long periods of time?

• Do you have muscle tension or stiffness in your body that won’t go away?

• Do you sometimes feel uncoordinated or “klutzy”?

• Does your normal posture make you look: heavier than you are, older than you are or less confident than you are?

• Do you feel like the more birthdays you have under your belt the larger your belt needs to be?

• Would you like to move with more ease in your daily life, or for specific sports and recreational activities?

• Would you like to have a combination of strength, flexibility and better balance? And feel lighter on your feet?

• Would you like to look and feel better, and have more energy throughout the day?

• Would you like to try a new activity (dancing, snowboarding, skiing, golf, surfing, etc) but feel your body doesn’t have the strength, flexibility, coordination, etc) to be able to do it?

~If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, then pilates is for you.

Why CenterFocus pilates?

Learn this method from a teacher with the education, experience and knowledge to help you become the best version of you.

Integrity of the work, a passion to teach, and making your experience FUN are standards at CenterFocus pilates.


Call CenterFocus pilates today for a FREE phone consultation: (951) 302-2527