Introductory Package (first 3 hours of private sessions)

To get started on your journey to better health, we start your first session * see your first session with an evaluation and goal assessment followed by an introduction to the fundamental techniques necessary to initiate the mind/body learning process. Your next one-on-one lesson is taught at a pace and level necessary for your individual learning style and physical condition.

After your introductory sessions, you may be ready to step into group classes or semi-private lessons, or if you prefer… to continue with private lessons.  We can discuss an individual plan aligned with your goals and within the parameters of your physical condition, budget and schedule.


Private Session

One-hour sessions taught one-on-one, tailored to your specific needs, goals, and level of progression. In the pilates studio, a variety of apparatus are used for the wide range of exercises to choose from. In the yoga room we use yoga mats and various props the teacher may incorporate for enhancing your alignment and form.

Semi-private Session (2 participants)

Similar to private sessions but 2-3 clients are working at the same time with one teacher. In the pilates studio, separate workouts are taught to each individual -sharing the teachers time with the other participants. In the yoga room a group class format is taught with much more individual attention allowed for each participant in each posture or sequence.

Private and semi-private sessions are by appointment only.


Group Reformer Class (5 participants)

Maximum 5 participants taught in truly a group class format but with the added benefit of our philosophy in personal attention.  Some mat work may be incorporated with the majority of the class utilizing the reformer*, the highly effective, fun and most widely used pilates apparatus.Pre-requisite to join group classes is the introductory package to ensure your individual needs are met.

*Our Balanced Body studio reformers and all other studio apparatus are state of the art professional pilates equipment.

Group Pilates/Yoga Mat Class *Classes are held at the Temecula Yoga Collective

This fun and challenging format is a fusion of pilates mat work and yoga postures.

Schedule subject to change, click here to view this week’s group classes.


Quick Gym Cardio Training

The ROM (stands for range of motion) is yet another highly effective perk available at at CenterFocus pilates…for minimal time and money!

ROM uses more muscles through a wider range of motion than traditional cardio exercise, which results in higher oxygen consumption; hence… its comparison to high/moderate intensity interval training. The higher the oxygen consumption during a workout, the shorter it needs to be and the greater the cardio benefit. Not a typo…4 minutes!

Laboratory research studies conducted in the United States, Canada and Japan conclude that the same results are achieved from 4 minutes on the ROM Machine as approximately 30-40 minutes of aerobic exercise for cardio conditioning and 45 minutes of weight training for muscle tone and strength.

Learn more about the ROM at


Your First Session

On your first appointment, we will discuss your health history and fitness goals, and you will undergo a complete postural evaluation. Then you will begin by learning the proper breathing techniques and the core fundamentals—introductory exercises necessary to grasp the method.

Next, we will tailor your program to your specific needs. As you improve over time, more challenging exercises will be added. You will work faster (but still safely), accomplishing much more in your one-hour session. 2-3 one-hour sessions per week are recommended.

You will leave each session more in tune with your body and revitalized!