Temecula’s First Pilates Studio Also Offering Yoga


Our Commitment to You

At CenterFocus, we tailor our training methods to each client’s individual needs! Our equipment provides adjustable resistance and there are a wide range of levels and exercises to choose from. This mind-body integrated workout can be gentle enough for those with restricted mobility, or for pre/postnatal participants. It can also be challenging enough for the fitness buff to the serious athlete. Pilates is as motivating for men as it is for women and is suitable for all ages!

IMG_3032With proper instruction by skilled and experienced teachers, one can learn to tap into the mind-body connection, awakening neuromuscular pathways to activate the core muscles. The pilates method emphasizes this concept not only during that one-hour session with an instructor, but continues throughout activities of daily living. Therefore, pilates is the ultimate method in functional training.

Maximizing results and safety, pilates training promotes LONGEVITY!

Focusing First on the Body’s Center, or Core

getting-started-with-pilates1CenterFocus combines the most up-to-date fitness principles and research with exercises created more than 90 years ago by Joseph H. Pilates. This is the best method of total body conditioning!

Pilates teaches you to move better

Pilates focuses on the body’s center, or core: deep abdominal and back muscles. Emphasis is placed on muscle symmetry and proper body alignment from head to toe. It maintains a balance between strength and flexibility, and trains the whole body rather than isolating small parts. Pilates is not only a functional way to train, but very time-effective


IMG_3049Many exercises are used to optimize a balanced training effect. With countless variations, based on your individual needs, you will never get bored. The key to this method is quality rather than quantity, so form and precision will not be compromised. You will achieve greater muscle control. Muscles are neither over-trained nor under-trained, and the results are gratifying!